We Now Have New Retinal Imaging Technology!

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In our ongoing quest to deliver the very best vision care to our patients, Price Family Eye Care Professionals LLC is pleased to announce that we’ve added a new, state-of-the-art Optos machine to our office. This high-end piece of equipment will help us better map the shape and features of your retinas, so we can provide a more tailored level of care when it comes to helping individual patients maintain their eye health.

How Does It Work?

Optos technology was created to help improve the level of personalized treatment an optometrist in Chillicothe, OH can provide. It uses a retina scanning system to create a map and image of each patient’s eye, producing what’s called an “optomap”—an ultra-wide view of the retina.

In scanning and rendering the eye, it enables optometrists to see characteristics and issues that might have gone unnoticed in more generic tests and observations. The best part is, an optomap can be generated in just a few minutes, enabling optometrists to get real-time information about patients, so they can offer real-time recommendations.

Benefits of an Optomap

In addition to helping optometrists provide tailored information on a patient-by-patient basis, it also enables them to spend more time diagnosing and educating patients, and less time observing and gathering information. The goal is to provide targeted care quickly and accurately.

Optomaps are then added to a patient’s file, where they can be referenced at a later date or in succession. For example, if a patient shows macular degeneration, optomaps can be taken over time to track that degeneration and any efforts to mitigate it.

Finally, Optos machines provide a superb opportunity for patient education. By showing patients a map of their retina, optometrists are able to educate them practically, instead of just in theory. By marking up an optomap and walking a patient through the features of their retinas, it’s possible to help them better understand any vision health concerns they might be faced with.

Creating Better Vision Health

When used as part of a comprehensive eye exam, an Optos machine and the optomaps it generates can be effective at spotting developing vision problems earlier. Degenerative diseases and those with minor symptoms are able to be assessed more quickly and tended to more aggressively. Some examples can include diabetic-related retinal diseases, hypertension, melanoma and macular degeneration, among others.

Better Serving Our Patients

At Price Family Eye Care Professionals LLC, our goal is to be the best family optometrist in Chillicothe, OH that we can be. This starts by providing our patients with the very best possible care, through thorough vision assessment and targeted treatments. By adding an Optos machine to our office, we’re taking the next step forward in delivering the highest possible level of personal care.

Schedule a vision appointment today and ask us about an optomap. Especially if you have an existing vision condition, an optomap could help you learn more about your retinas, their unique properties and the condition of your vision—and it could help us to treat you even better!

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