Glasses or Contacts? Advice from Your Eye Clinic in Chillicothe, OH

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For those who need vision correction, it’s a common debate. Should you get contacts or classes? Both offer helpful corrective properties. Which is better for your needs? Your eye clinic in Chillicothe, OH offers the following tips to help you decide which vision solution is best for you.

Advantages of Contacts

  • Reduced distortion: Because contacts conform to the shape of your eye, they offer a wider field of vision and cause less peripheral distortion or obstruction than glasses.
  • Reduced physical impairment: If you’re active, contact lenses won’t get in the way as you exercise or play sports.
  • Increased fashion: With contacts, you don’t have to worry if they will clash with what you are wearing.
  • Increased weather versatility: Contacts won’t fog up in cold weather or suffer from rain splatters like glasses do.
  • Increased adaptability: Have you ever wondered what you would look like with a different eye color? Contacts allow you to experiment with colors or even achieve special effects for costumes.
  • Increased function: Some contact lenses can help correct myopia while you sleep.

Advantages of Glasses

  • Reduced irritation: When you wear glasses, nothing has to touch your eyes, which can reduce the likelihood of irritation or eye infection.
  • Reduced sensitivity: Do you have sensitive eyes? Glasses are less likely to make this problem worse.
  • Reduced cost: Eyeglasses from your eye clinic in Chillicothe, OH are typically more economical than contacts. You also don’t have to replace them as often.
  • Increased personalization: Fashionable frames can add to your personality and style, making whatever type of statement you prefer.
  • Increased protection: Wind, dust and debris are less likely to reach your eyes if you are wearing glasses.

Disadvantages of Contacts

  • Reduced oxygen: When you wear contacts, your eyes are exposed to less oxygen, which can cause dry eye syndrome.
  • Reduced comfort: Some people are uncomfortable with applying a contact lens to their eye.
  • Increased maintenance: Contact lenses must be properly cleaned each day.
  • Increased irritation: If you fall asleep with your contacts in, this can cause red, irritated eyes when you wake up.

Disadvantages of Glasses

  • Reduced peripheral vision: Because your glasses sit slightly away from your eyes, your peripheral vision may be distorted.
  • Reduced appearance: Some people don’t like the way they look in glasses.
  • Increased pressure: Your frames may exert pressure on your nose and ears, causing discomfort.

The Advantages of Both

While you can only wear one at a time, the truth is, you can choose both contacts and eye glasses. In fact, if you wear contacts, it is a good idea to always have a pair of appropriate prescription glasses on hand. If you lose a contact or get an eye infection that makes it impossible to wear your contacts, your glasses will get you through this interim time.

Choose What’s Best for Your Vision

Ultimately, both contacts and glasses are healthy options available from your eye clinic in Chillicothe, OH. Consider your personal preferences, style, needs and budget. Then, contact the expert staff at Price Family Eye Care Professionals LLC to help you review your options and determine which vision solution is best for you.

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