Summer Is Here! How Allergies Can Affect Your Eyes—and How You Can Find Relief

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While summer is a fun time of year, it’s a whole lot less fun if you’re constantly suffering from allergy symptoms. Whether it’s pollen, mold, dust or anything else, allergies can make life miserable. Sometimes allergies have a particularly bad effect on your eyes, causing red eyes, itchy eyes, tearing and other bothersome symptoms.

Are you looking to solve that allergy issue once and for all? Then the assistance of an experienced provider of eye care in Chillicothe, OH is just what you need. Let’s take a look at the top ways to get relief from irritating summer allergies.

What’s causing the problem?

Step one is to see what kind of allergy is causing the issue. Pollen is a leading allergen that is derived from weeds, grass and trees. If you have a pet, be warned that pollen often clings to their fur, which can result in it being tracked inside your home. You may be able to see if there are high pollen counts in your area through phone apps as well. Staying indoors when pollen counts are high is a smart idea.

Mold is another leading allergen that sends spores through the air. Mold grows on rotting wood, in compost piles and in fallen leaves—really anywhere with standing moisture. Make sure you don’t have any mold magnets in your home by keeping areas like the bathrooms, basement and kitchen clear of standing water.

Try medications

Some over-the-counter medications may provide temporary relief. Patients have reported success with using products like artificial tears and decongestant eye drops. Allergy shots and oral antihistamines may also help.

However, note that medications should be used sparingly. Taking more than the recommended doses or taking these medications every day may result in side effects, or even a “bounce back” effect where symptoms are worse than they were before.

See an eye doctor

Ultimately, if you’ve taken steps and your symptoms still haven’t gone away, it’s time to seek the help of professionals. You can discuss your symptoms with them and consider how best to tackle the problem. A licensed eye doctor can help pinpoint the cause and prescribe a long-term solution that will work for you.

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