The Importance of Getting Your Eyes Checked Before Going Back to School

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In the blink of an eye, the new school year will begin. Kids everywhere will bemoan the start of another school year, while parents will secretly (or not so secretly) celebrate.

Of course, that means it’s time to go shopping for school supplies and new clothes. But don’t forget about a critical part of your child’s ability to learn: their eyesight. That’s right, it’s very important that every child has his or her vision checked prior to the start of school. If they’re straining to see the whiteboard or having trouble seeing their notes, it will adversely affect their learning.

This is why you should see a pediatric eye doctor in Chillicothe, OH sooner rather than later. Let’s take a look at why now’s the right time for your child to see an eye specialist:

  • Set them up to succeed: This is the number one reason you should take your child in for a checkup right now. You want them to do as well in school as they possibly can, and any visual impairment could hinder their success. Children are sometimes hesitant to wear glasses or contacts, or may not even recognize that they have a vision problem. So don’t take their word for it if they say their eyes are fine—instead, see a professional eye doctor.
  • Signs of problems: If you notice your child is squinting or they complain about blurred vision, these are signs that they need an eye exam no matter what time of year it is. Blinking more than usual or covering one eye to focus on an object are also signs of vision issues. Your child could end up suffering from headaches or other physical maladies if their vision isn’t corrected.
  • Vision changes: Children’s bodies are always changing. Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that they were a baby you could hold in your arms? Their vision is no exception. These frequent changes mean that regular eye exams are vital. Otherwise, it will be difficult to track if they need glasses or contacts.
  • Legal requirements: Some states now require that children be brought in for an eye exam prior to starting kindergarten. Why not get it done now so that you’re sure your child meets state requirements when school begins?

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