Why Prescription Sunglasses in Chillicothe, OH Are Worth the Investment

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Sunglasses do not just look cool—they keep your eyes safe, too. When patients weigh the cost of prescription sunglasses in Chillicothe, OH, they may unfortunately stop their analysis at the price tag. However, many optometrists recommend that when you receive a new prescription, you also purchase sunglasses. Here are five reasons why sunglasses are important for eye health:

  • Reduce UV exposure: UV rays are rough on your eyes, just as they are on your skin. They are invisible, so you will not always know if they are affecting you. Cataracts, macular degeneration and astigmatism have all been linked to UV exposure. All these conditions blur and compromise vision, and macular degeneration may result in complete blindness. You can reduce your chances of developing these conditions by purchasing good quality sunglasses, whether they are a prescription pair from your optometrist or a higher-end non-prescription product.
  • Protect your skin: The delicate skin around your eyes is particularly vulnerable to sunlight. Sunglasses protect this area, too. Your eyelids act as protection for your eyes, and if they are exposed to too much UV light, they will sag and thin, giving your eyes less of a barrier from hostile elements. People can also develop skin cancer growth that affects the eyes when it is time to remove it. Sunlight does not have to affect your eyes directly to damage them; damage around the eyes can also compromise your eyesight.
  • Prevent cancer: Much like skin cancer, eye cancers are often linked to sun exposure. You can reduce these chances by purchasing good sunglasses that block out most of the UV rays. Treatment for eye cancers often result in reduced sight and blindness, so it is worth the effort to take steps to prevent it.
  • Improved driving: There are few things more dangerous on the road than drivers affected by road glare. Bad glare prevents you from seeing barriers, including the car or pedestrian that suddenly cut in front of you. Driving sunglasses or other polarized varieties are design to cut out this glare so you have a clear line of sight. Investing in these sunglasses keeps your insurance premiums low and prevents possible injury or death. It also makes driving on bright days much more comfortable.
  • Reduce headaches: Constant squinting from the bright sun may give some people headaches. That is not a fun development if you are attending a music festival or trying to enjoy a day out on the water. If you buy a good pair of sunglasses, you will enjoy your day in comfort as well as secure good protection for your eyes.

When you purchase sunglasses, choose a pair that block out 99 to 100 percent of UV rays. Go for slightly larger frames to maximize protection around your eyes. This is never as easy as just choosing a pair at the drug store, especially if you believe you will wear them while reading outside. If that is the case, consider buying a pair from your optometrist.

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