Why We Need Bifocals as We Age

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Bifocals are prescribed by optometrists in Chillicothe, OH to address a condition called presbyopia. This is when adults find they can no longer focus their eyes on words or objects close up. It is a normal part of aging, and while it cannot be reversed, it is treatable, so you can continue to enjoy your daily activities. Here is what you need to know about bifocals and presbyopia, so you are encouraged to keep current on your eye exams and corrective lenses:

  • It builds over time: Many people feel presbyopia occurs suddenly, but in reality, it develops over the years. Corrective lenses prescribed before you receive your first set of bifocals may minimize the effects and make your struggles with close work nearly undetectable. Usually people start to notice if they are having difficulty reading during an instance of reading a sports program or a menu in poor light. Often, the impression of sudden onset is really the evidence that it is time to update your prescription, and sometimes, that means getting bifocals.
  • Treatment depends on circumstances: There are specialty options available. For example, if you work all day in front of a computer and find that is when the presbyopia is the most annoying, you may require bifocals designed for computer work. Other people may only notice it while watching sports on TV or reading a book in the evening. In those instances, you may do fine with just a pair of reading glasses. When the issue is persistent, wearing multifocal contact lenses or progressive lenses during all working hours is often the best way to approach this issue.
  • You may not need them all the time: Many people keep bifocals handy just for work or reading, but they will likely not wear them while playing sports or working in their garden. As mentioned above, it often depends on how much computer or reading work you perform to determine the treatment. Since bifocals are often expensive and some people have limits to their insurance coverage, good reading glasses may be adequate for your purposes—especially if you only wear glasses to read.
  • Invest in good lighting: If you have a favorite reading corner or a home office, look into improving the lighting. Presbyopia is often exacerbated in poor lighting, and smaller print like that found in newspapers becomes blurry no matter how far away you hold it from your face. You also want to control light in some instances; sensitivity to glare is also common, and you may want computer glasses that control glare as well as polarized prescription sunglasses.
  • Keep up with your eye appointments: Presbyopia is treatable, and you can read and finish work in comfort with the right prescription. Visit your optometrist once a year for needed upgrades to your prescription. This is especially true if you opt for multifocal contacts rather than bifocals. New technology in contacts may help your sight significantly, and you can only take advantage of that if you visit the optometrist often.

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