What Exactly Is Vision Therapy?

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For many people, vision problems are simply unavoidable and can’t be easily repaired through non-surgical methods. However, there are certain cases when using vision therapy, a non-invasive form of physical therapy, can effectively improve patient vision. While vision therapy is most commonly used for children who have vision-related struggles with reading and comprehension, many adults have also benefited from professional vision therapy in Chillicothe, OH. Read on to find out more about this treatment option and the various issues that it can help address.

Functional vision basics

Vision therapy is conducted by a professional who works with a patient to exercise the eyes and brain in order to correct functional vision problems. Functional vision has to do with the way that your eye, brain and visual pathways work together, and includes eye movements, eye orientation and depth perception. Functional vision problems are often identified in children who struggle in school with reading and focus. Some common functional vision problems are tracking problems, trouble focusing or a lack of eye coordination, commonly referred to as “lazy eye.” All of these issues can be addressed with vision therapy.

Vision therapy techniques

Vision therapy is administered by a doctor or optometrist who specializes in functional vision treatments and techniques. Treatment sessions are typically 30 minutes to one hour and take place once or twice a week on a routine basis. There are several exercises and procedures that are used to help correct functional vision problems.

Depending on the specific case, the optometrist might utilize training lenses or patches or work with a patient on eye training exercises to correct the issue. Between visits, the patient might be instructed to practice exercises at home. Every case is different, so different patients might require more extensive therapy to address their vision issues. Vision therapy may take anywhere from a few months to a couple of years to fully correct a functional vision problem.

Vision therapy can make a huge difference for patients who struggle with functional vision issues, and may greatly improve their academic performance if they are in school. If you have a child who struggles with reading, focusing, writing or any other issue that may indicate a functional vision problem, it’s a good idea to take them in for an examination. An optometrist will be able to thoroughly assess their vision and determine whether vision therapy is an appropriate treatment option to address their specific vision problems.

Vision therapy in Chillicothe, OH

At Price Family Eye Care Professionals LLC, we know how challenging it can be to deal with vision problems and that’s why we are proud to offer solutions and treatment options, like vision therapy in Chillicothe, OH, that are designed to promote good patient outcomes. Regardless of what your specific concerns may be, our team is here to help. We can provide everything from routine adult eye exams to thorough pediatric consultations. For decades, our patients have relied on us to deliver outstanding treatments, and we have developed a reputation for providing excellent care. Get started today by giving us a call to schedule an appointment!

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