Four Ways Winter Can Affect Your Eyes

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Love it or hate it, winter is just around the corner. Whether you look forward to hitting the nearest ski slope or snowmobile trail, or prefer staying at home watching your favorite TV show, there’s one thing everyone needs to consider as we enter the winter season: how winter weather affects your eyes. While most people know to use hats, gloves and ear muffs to protect themselves from winter conditions, many people often forget to care for their eyes in the winter weather. However, there are many ways that winter can affect your eyes: Sunburn: Long periods of light exposure... View Article

Five Reasons You Still Need to Wear Sunglasses This Winter

November 15, 2018 9:51 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

What is a must-have fashion accessory that is a summer staple? If you answered “sunglasses,” you would be right. It’s hard to imagine going through the warm summer months without a pair of shades. Not only are sunglasses—several pairs of them in fact—part of every summer wardrobe, they help protect your eyes and help you see clearly in the warm summer sun. As a local source for prescription sunglasses in Chillicothe, OH, we’re often surprised that sunglasses are not as commonly worn in the winter. Most people don’t recognize the importance of wearing sunglasses in the winter because it’s cold... View Article

Facts About Eye and Vision Development in Small Children

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Adults may suspect they have a vision problem, and can make the call to visit their eye care professional. There, their eyes are checked to ensure good health and to rule out diseases. Vision tests are conducted, which either reveal excellent vision, the need for a different prescription or an all-new corrective lens prescription. Since little kids and babies cannot clearly express that they’re having trouble with their vision, it’s up to their parents or caretakers to schedule an appointment for them to get a comprehensive eye exam in Chillicothe, OH. Eyes are complex organs that take years to fully... View Article