Top Tips for Wearing Contact Lenses in Chillicothe, OH This Winter

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Cold weather can affect more than just your skin—it can do damage to your eyes, too. Between the cold weather, dry air and other elements, eyes can experience discomfort and contact lenses can become less effective. Here are a few tips for wearing contact lenses in Chillicothe, OH this winter.

Use eye drops

As the temperature drops further and cold weather sets in, it’s a sure bet that dry air is soon to follow. The cold, dry air will cause your eyes to dry out, which means they’ll begin to water in an attempt to compensate for the loss of moisture. But while natural eye moisture is usually beneficial, contact lens wearers may experience discomfort and blurred vision as a result. For this reason, you’ll want to carry around a bottle of eye drops during the winter. Ask your eye doctor for a list of brands approved for hydration that are also safe to use with contact lenses.

Wear sunglasses

Yes, you read that correctly—wear sunglasses this winter. Eye care professionals highly recommend sunglasses during the winter months as eye protection for people who wear contact lenses. This is because wintertime brings a grab bag of weather conditions to all areas of the United States. Harsh sunlight, precipitation and especially a mix of the two are harmful to eyes. You need to be extra cautious if you live where it snows, as the sun reflects off of the snow and bounces back into your eyes. The sun’s reflection can irritate your contact lenses, and may even damage your vision.

Another potentially harmful combination is precipitation and heavy winds. It can wreak havoc on your contact lenses, so be sure to wear protection as much as possible. And since you have contacts in, you can wear any pair of sunglasses you want. The sunglasses of your choosing don’t need a prescription—just put them on after putting your contacts in and go about your day!

Avoid prolonged heat exposure

It’s wintertime, and fire pits, bonfires, fireplaces and ovens are all getting a workout right now. All these heating device are used or enjoyed regularly during the cold winter months. Unfortunately, intense heat can cause your eyes to dry out and even damage your contact lenses, so do your best to limit the time you spend near heat sources. Move away from hot areas periodically, or sit farther back to protect your eyes. Also, carry eye drops with you and use them as needed to avoid dry eyes in these toasty situations.

Wear the right contacts for you

One of the best tips any eye care professional will give you is to wear the right contact lenses for your needs. Make an appointment with a trusted eye doctor. At their office, you’ll get an eye exam and evaluation to determine which contact lenses will offer you the best comfort, vision correction and long-term eye health.

To learn more about contact lenses in Chillicothe, OH, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly staff at Price Family Eye Care Professionals LLC. Reach out today to schedule an appointment!

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