Do You Need to Wear Specific Contact Lenses in Chillicothe, OH for Sunlight?

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If you’ve been prescribed contact lenses and have worn them for a long time, chances are you do one of two things when the sun is out: you wear regular polarized sunglasses like everyone else, or you seek prescription sunglasses and ditch the contacts on the brightest days. In the past, you may have thought to yourself how wonderful it would be to be able to go out into the sun wearing your contacts without also needing a pair of sunglasses.

This leads us to a great question for eye health professionals: Do we need to wear specific contact lenses in Chillicothe, OH when the sun is shining bright? The short answer is, maybe not anymore, because last year federal health regulators gave their approval for the first contact lens that acts like a pair of sunglasses.

ACUVUE OASYS with transition lenses

Both artificial light and ultraviolet rays can negatively impact your eyes’ health, your vision and your comfort. To compensate for harsh lighting environments, you’re probably squinting or shielding your eyes or dimming lights more than other people would. With ACUVUE OASYS contact lenses with transitions, the lenses automatically adapt to a variety of lighting conditions, including different types of light and levels of brightness, that we encounter every day.

Light-adaptive technology

The benefit of light-adaptive technology is that it corrects vision for people without an eye disease who are farsighted or nearsighted. But that’s not to say this technology can’t be used by people with eye diseases or astigmatism (a vision problem that distorts images). Eye care experts report that this type of contact lens is the first of its kind, as it incorporates the same technology as eyeglasses that automatically darken when exposed to the sun. The contact lens darkens in bright light and goes back to clear in normal or dark lighting conditions.

Not a substitute for sunglasses

Though the lenses come with light-adapting technology and can darken in bright light, they are not proper substitutes for sunglasses or other protective UV-absorbing eyewear. This is not what they are intended for. Ultraviolet light-blocking contact lenses help protect eyes against harmful UV radiation; however, no studies have yet shown that wearing these types of contact lenses actually reduces the risk for eye problems associated with long-term exposure to sunlight, such as cataracts.

How to use them properly

If you are interested in using any kind of contact lens that acts like sunglasses, it would behoove you to know how to use them properly. The soft contact lenses can be used on a daily basis for up to 14 days. Eye care professionals suggest that you not sleep in these types of contact lenses, expose them to water, or use them past 14 days or as directed by your optometrist. Some words of caution: avoid wearing the contact lenses if you have an eye infection, eye redness or another type of eye problem.

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