Tips for Protecting Your Eyesight from Screen Damage

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These days, almost everyone uses digital technology on a daily basis. Whether you spend your workday in front of a computer screen or you spend your free time scrolling through social media or watching TV, you should be aware of the ways in which screen time contributes to a need for eye care in Chillicothe, OH. Lots of people experience issues related to their vision as a result of prolonged screen exposure. To avoid the problems associated with screen time, make sure you’re aware of a few of the preventative measures you can take to protect your eyes:

  • Balance your lighting: You should pay attention to the lighting in the environment where you’re working. When you’re looking at a screen, excessive natural light can make it more difficult for you to focus and can contribute to greater eye strain. You can reduce strain by closing blinds or curtains, and avoid positioning your desk so that your screen is behind or in front of windows. It’s better to have your screen positioned so that natural light is coming in on your right or left side. You should also turn off fluorescent lights, if possible, and instead use soft lighting from lamps and LED fixtures.
  • Alter your screen settings: Altering the settings on your computer screen can help to significantly reduce eye strain. Adjusting the brightness, contrast, text size and color temperature of your display can make a big difference in your comfort and your long-term eye health. Toggle these settings to achieve a screen display that you can use to read text and complete your work without straining or squinting.
  • Take breaks: When you start working on a project, reading an article or writing something on your computer, it can be easy to lose track of time. You should make sure to take breaks periodically to give your eyes a rest. Resist the temptation to use your cell phone when you take a break from work. Instead, take five to 10 minutes every hour to take a walk and avoid looking at a screen. Regular breaks are better for your eyes, and they can even have a positive impact on your productivity.
  • Get your eyesight tested: To determine whether you should be using glasses when you do work on a computer, it’s important to have your eyesight tested. Go to a clinic that specializes in eye care in Chillicothe, OH to get your vision tested and receive treatment recommendations based on your lifestyle and your eye health. An optometrist can provide you with essential advice and treatment to help you avoid future eyesight damage and restore your vision with glasses, contact lenses and other treatments or procedures.

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