How Often Should I See an Optometrist?

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Many people do not visit their optometrist in Chillicothe, OH often enough. If they do not need vision correction and feel like they see well enough, or if they don’t believe their vision has changed recently, they may think they don’t need to see the eye doctor in Chillicothe, OH. However, regardless of your vision, you need to be regularly getting comprehensive eye exams in Chillicothe, OH. Read on to learn about how often you need to see your optometrist, and why it’s important.

Why complete routine eye exams are important

During a complete eye exam, your optometrist in Chillicothe, OH will dilate your pupils, which means that he or she will widen the pupil of the eye with special eye drops. This allows them to look inside the eye more closely to determine if there are any underlying issues or percolating problems with your eye health. During this eye exam, if you need vision correction, you can also be screened for a new prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses.

In order to catch eye diseases early and prevent blindness, it’s important for everyone to regularly receive complete eye exams. Depending on your age and other risk factors, you will need to see an optometrist in Chillicothe, OH at various intervals.

How often should I see an eye doctor?

The frequency with which you should receive a complete eye exam in Chillicothe, OH is determined by your age and other factors. If you are 20 to 39 years old and Caucasian, you only need to see an optometrist for a complete eye exam every three to five years. African-Americans in this age group have higher risk factors for developing certain eye conditions and should get a complete eye exam every two to four years.

As you get older, your risk for developing problematic eye conditions increases, so the frequency with which you’ll need to get a complete eye exam will increase. Caucasians 40 to 64 years old should receive an exam every two to four years, and African-Americans in the same age bracket should receive an exam every two to four years as well. After age 65, everyone should be receiving a complete eye exam every one to two years, because your risk for developing eye diseases and harmful conditions increases with age.

People with special risk factors will need to get eye exams more frequently, regardless of their age bracket. Risk factors can include having diabetes, having had a previous eye trauma or surgery and having a family history of glaucoma. Additionally, if you have any eye trouble, you should see an optometrist in Chillicothe, OH right away.

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