Family Eye Care in Chillicothe, OH

family eye care in Chillicothe, OH
At Price Family Eye Care Professionals LLC, we take pride in being a family company. Not only are we family-owned and –operated, we’re dedicated to serving the vision needs of your entire family! From your little one who needs glasses, to help managing grandma’s cataracts, we leverage personalized service to ensure optimal eye care at any stage of life.

Pediatric Eye Care

Catching vision problems and eyesight issues at a young age is paramount for preserving vision throughout a person’s life. As the foremost pediatric eye doctor in Chillicothe, OH, we ensure kids are being fully evaluated and tested for vision early in their life. This sets the stage for positive lifelong eye health, and enables us to provide glasses or vision therapy solutions as soon as possible—as young as children under 12 months!

Geriatric Eye Care

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As we age, so do our eyes. Problems like glaucoma, cataracts and loss of vision crop up in later years, which means it’s important to maintain regular testing and eye care throughout your life. When it comes to family eye care in Chillicothe, OH, grandma and grandpa are always a part of the conversation. We take the time to thoroughly assess their vision health, and can communicate with them and other family members about their needs. Our goal is to keep your vision as best as it can be in your golden years.

Lifelong Vision Care

When we’re talking about family vision care in Chillicothe, OH, we’re talking about more than just individual care at different ages. We aim to be your lifelong provider of vision services! Throughout the years we’ve watched kids become adults and have worked with adults into their later years. We want to be the optometrist you trust at every stage of your life, no matter what your vision needs are.

To see the level of vision care we bring to you and your entire family, schedule an appointment with Price Family Eye Care Professionals LLC today at 740-773-8055. We’ll make sure our family takes care of your family.