December 23, 2018

"I avoided going to the eye doctor for a long to the point I barely passed my eye exam at the BMV. I knew I had to do something an a friend had told me about Dr Christian Price. I gave it a chance and after the very first visit I knew I found my eye care home. Dr Christian and staff are amazing."
September 26, 2018

"I was very pleased with Dr. Annie Lewis who did my glaucoma exam. She answered and explained all the questions I had and was very thoughtful. I have had an issue with the dilation though. The girl who dilated my eyes used a steam of drops that ran down both cheeks instead of 1-2 drops as I am used to. The result was that 21 hours later my eyes are still dilated and making it difficult to see as everything is very blurry. Luckily I am retired because I would have trouble working with my vision as it is today."
August 29, 2018

"A friendly professional atmosphere."
August 16, 2018

"very caring and professional"
August 15, 2018

"Service is great... Pricing for eyewear definitely on high side."